05/16/2013 - Envie 2E Alsace visit

 16th May 2013, visit of two WEEE treatment sites of Envie 2E Alsace : Strasbourg

The CRITT Matériaux Alsace and IVEA company visited the WEEE treatment sites.


This visit, like the previous ones in other companies, allowed us to better understand the realities and the industrial conditions linked to the WEEE. It helped us to refine the specifications list of the WEEELIBS demonstrator.


 The objectives of this visit were :

-see the WEEE (screens, electronics cards,…) treatment site.

-gather plastic samples for the WEEELIBS WEEE database.

-see if it was possible for Envie 2E Alsace to welcome us with the WEEELIBS demonstrator during a week for real conditions testing.


Thanks to the Envie 2E Alsace team for their cheerful welcome.