04/22/2013 - LIFE+ meeting in Strasbourg

22nd April 2013, Information meeting about LIFE+ project in Strasbourg.


The 22nd of April 2013, an information meeting about LIFE+ funding tool of the european commission gathered around 30 people involved in LIFE+ projects in Alsace and East region of France and took place in the Maison de la Région Alsace. Organized by "le Bureau Alsace" in collaboration with "Alsace Innovation" for the "cadre du Réseau Europe Alsace", this meeting gathered people from different horizon : govermental associations and desks , actors in research & innovation, Ambassy which came to evaluate the opportunity offered by the european LIFE+ program.


At this occasion, Hermine Bergerat (Ministère de l’écologie, du développement durable et de l’énergie (MEDDE)), presented the big picture of the LIFE+ program and the french involvment in it. Then practical advice about project submission were given by Jean-Pierre Dutruge (Enviropea). Eventually, Pierre Kuhn from the CRITT Matériaux Alsace shared his experience gathered during a still runing LIFE+ project : « Weeelibs »  aims to built a demonstrator to sort WEEE plastics depending of their nature and additives. Citing Pierre Kuhn, "the high level of the requirements of the european commission for the submission and the managment of the project are abviously high and demanding but let our organisation to progress and improve the way it leads projects."


Sources :  http://www.bureau-alsace.eu/actualites/infoday-life/