04/25/2013 - Monitoring committee meeting

25th of april 2013, meeting of the monitoring committee.


The first meeting of the monitoring committee of the WEEELIBS Project took place the 25th of April 2013 in the IVEA building.

It was the occasion to present:

-the different partners : IVEA and le CRITT Matériaux Alsace

-the different industrial and organizations invited for the meeting

-the WEEELIBS project: the ideas supporting the project,  the technique used :  LIBS, the objectives of the project, the milestones, the social, environmental and economical positive effects of the project.


This meeting, very interactive and full of discussion with the guests to evaluate the orientation of the project, was very rich of ideas and learning which will benefit the WEEELIBS project. The knowledge of the guests concerning the WEEE, the sorting process helped the WEEELIBS team to take some new inforamtion into account.

This meeting was really interesting  and efficient with qualified guests.


Thanks to IVEA for its cheerful welcoming into its building for this meeting.

The second and last monitoring committee is planned for the beginning of the 2014 year !