08/12/2013 - Data base

12th agust 2013, WEEE data base


The WEEE Data Base is still growing (work package B.2 of the WEEEELIBS project).


This workpackage consists in collecting polymers samples and WEEE from DEEE dismantling sites and to analyze it (with different techniques as LIBS, FTIR,…). The goal is to realize a strong and complete data base, representing the plastic DEEE flux. 


A part of the 553 samples gathered up to now for the WEEELIBS data base.

553 samples are listed in the data base. These plastic pieces are mainly from WEEE, but also from granules of plastics before extrusion, extrusion residues or pure polymers. The last visits to the WEEE treatment sites (Juratri, TD3E, Envie 2E Alsace) let an increase in the number of samples collected. 378 samples were all analyzed by LIBS and by FTIR. The 175 left are ready for the IRTF analysis.

The physical data base (gathering the samples) is composed of two sub-unit :

-the first one is made of a chip (for FTIR analysis) and a shard (for LIBS analysis) of each sample and stored in small sample plastic bags. It is easier to find and manipulate a sample.

-the second is the one gathering what left of each sample: big pieces of plastic from computers screen or vacuum cleaner for instance. It is stored in cupboard boxes.



Each sample has a unique code for classification and easy find in the data base. This code let to find the sample quickly and retrieve all the information known on the sample : color, origin, analysis done and their parameters, kind of sample,…