04/22/2014 –WEEELIBS Data Base


The WEEELIBS database has been improved with new samples and analysis.

Up to now, 1826 samples are registered, 1117 FTIR, 48 XRF, 10 DSC and 1 ICP-AES analysis were done.

The flux of 3 WEEE treatment sites on a total of 4 are now analyzed. The last one will be analyzed soon.

To facilitate the database management and reduce the searching time of a sample, a QR code system is currently being installed. Via a Web application, flashing a QR code gives you access thanks to a smartphone, a tablet or a computer to the ID card of the sample.


The Web app can also give access to statistical data on the database and visualize it.


The WEEELIBS database, its sorting system and web app is a very useful tool for many workpackage of the WEEELIBS project especially during the test of the different version of the WEEELIBS machine.