03/31/2014 –Project meeting at IVEA

The 31st of March, Project meeting at IVEA

As every month and a half, a project meeting is held the place of one of the two beneficiaries of the project. The meeting of the 31st of March was hald at IVEA.

Among other results, the ones concerning the thresholding done one the 210 spectra realized at IVEA. The thresholding was done at the CRITT Matériaux Alsace. Here is an extract of the results presented during the meeting :

For PVC identification :

The red circle shows the PVC well identified. The red arrows show samples (not PVC) wrongly detected as PVC.


For charges detection : as glass fibers (Si) and antimony (Sb) :

We can notice that some samples are charges (blue peak) others  are not.


These results are very promising and let us to go ahead to the next step of the WEEELIBS project : hardening the machine (to allows tests in industrial sites) and get the version 2 of WEEELIBS.