10/17/2013 - reception of palets of WEEE samples

17th october 2013, reception of palets of WEEE samples


The 17th October 2013, reception of 9 palets full of WEEE plastic samples from WEEE treatment site to help the characterization of their flux and to analyse real WEEE sample (to test the demonstrator and the work station with the shape of the samples).


These palets are now in the WEEELIBS workshop, in the new RID LIBS site of the CRITT Matériaux Alsace.


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WEEELIBS workshop with the palets


The CRITT Matériaux Alsace thanks the 4 treatment sites, which help the WEEELIBS project :

Envie 2E Lorraine, Envie 2E Alsace, TD3E and Juratri for their involvement in the project.