09/12/2013 - Visit of the new RID building

The 12th September 2013, visit of the new RID LIBS site


The president, the director and the head of the RID department and the WEEELIBS project leader of the CRITT Matériaux Alsace visited the future new site of the RID-LIBS.



The building works has well progressed.






A WEEELIBS workshop will let to come close to the real condition of the WEEE treatment sites and to test the demonstrator before the test phase in the real conditions of the treatment sites. In this workshop, we will be able to simulate the work of the operator in a WEEE treatment site and to stock all the samples collected during our visits on WEEE treatment sites.



 WEEELIBS workshop

 The building works, funded by the Region Alsace, will let the actors of the RID department of the CRITT Matériaux Alsace (LIBS / technology watch,…) to work in excellent conditions. The WEEELIBS project will progress easily.